Penny Pals

Meet Penny: New Windows, New Hours, Same Service!

What is it?

Penny Pal looks like an ATM, but it lets you talk to a real FSB teller and do pretty much any transaction you would do walking into the bank!

How Penny works:

Just walk or drive up and tap the screen to be connected to a LIVE F$B teller!

Where Penny is:
Clear Lake, Mason City West, Grafton and Ventura.


Penny is LIVE 8-4:30 Monday-Thursday and 8-5 on Friday. This allows our Grafton and Ventura offices to have extended hours at their locations. Plus don't wait in long drive up lanes, chat with Penny instead.

End of Business:

Did you miss the 2 o'clock cut off in the lobby? No worries, Penny's end of business day is 3 o'clock.