What checking account is right for you? 
Choose from our Lifestyle, Freestyle or NOW checking account to find the perfect fit for you.   
Lifestyle Checking โ€“ (your basic account) -Minimum 
opening deposit of $100 โ€“ Monthly service fee of $4.00 + tax for the first 30 checks, .20ยข per check thereafter. Statements available monthly, images returned with statements.  
Freestyle Checking โ€“  No worries here! Minimum opening deposit of $100. No minimum balance requirements. Unlimited check writing and ATM usage. Monthly E-statements required, images not returned. 
NOW Checking - (for those that maintain a higher balance and want to earn a little interest) Minimum opening deposit of $1,000, no fees if $1,000 balance maintained. Interest earned when account maintains $1,000 balance. Images are returned with monthly statement. 
For details on the Notice of Changes in Temporary FDIC Insurance Coverage for Transaction Accounts: Click Here 
Farmers State Bank will provide full account disclosures at the time an account is opened. 

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