Mobiliti™ – Mobile Banking, Alerts & Payments. 
Mobiliti has a wide reach of features that will empower you with the best mobile experience available with “anytime, anywhere” access to your finances and banking services.  
• Mobiliti offers full integration with online banking for a seamless user experience across the online and mobile channels 
• Mobiliti supports all three major access modes: SMS (text messaging), mobile browser and downloadable applications for Android™, iPhone® and Blackberry®. 
• With Mobiliti you will have access to one of the industry's leading "all-in-one" mobile banking, alerting and payments solutions. 
Mobile Banking from Farmers State Bank is the easiest and fastest way to access your finances. It's that easy!  
View instructions and screen shots here. 
View the list of certified devices and carriers for Mobiliti here. 

Mobile Banking with Farmers State Bank is now available! 
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